Service is usually acceptable. This last time I had to wait quite a while after I sent in order online.
Super Easy! Ready on time!!
Not sure if it was a fluke or not but I opted to pay when I got there. Food was not ready for pick up and I suspect they waited to prepare it to be sure I would pick it up. But the restaurant was empty so it wasn't a matter of them being busy. Food was very good and I will eat there again.
Food was good. Ordering experience was not. I ordered and paid online, but when my wife got to the restaurant, they had not received the order from Beyond Menu. The hostess response was indifferent and my wife was told to contact Beyond Menu because they had nothing to do with it. As my wife was calling me, Beyond Menu was calling the restaurant because they had been trying to fax the order, repeatedly, unsuccessfully. They took the order and began preparing the food while my wife waited. The hostess called the owner who told her to refund 10% of our bill, which she did. We were very sad when this restaurant stopped delivering, now it appears to be a basic customer service breakdown. Making customers feel their business is not wanted is bad business.
Any questions please call us.